Milka Suchard” Poster from the 1940’s

Original Italian Chocolate Poster MILKA SUCHARD

Ital­ian Choco­late Poster MILKA SUCHARD ca. 1940


“Milka Suchard” Poster from the 1940’s

Milka Suchard, the deli­cious milk choco­late, as the cap­tion reminds us. A poster (ca. 1940) real­ized for the Ital­ian mar­ket, rem­i­nis­cent of the sands of the Libyan desert. Ital­ian Libya, at the time was a uni­fied colony of Ital­ian North Africa (Africa Set­ten­tri­onale Ital­iana, or ASI) estab­lished in 1934 in what rep­re­sents present-day Libya. Milka was founded in Neuchâ­tel in 1826 and remains a flag­ship of the Swiss choco­late industry.

Year: ca. 1940
Height: 24cm (9.45in.) | Width: 16cm (6.3in.)

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